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Hanna Dissolved Oxygen probes are extremely rugged and perfect for laboratory and field applications.

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The HI-76409/10 is for use with the HI-9147 and has a 10m cable.

The HI-76409 is a standard galvanic dissolved oxygen probe for use with the HI-9147 portable dissolved oxygen meter. Galvanic probes require no conditioning time and therefore allow the ability to measure instantaneously. With extreme portability and a straightforward design, this probe is ideal for both field and lab use.

The DO probe is provided with a membrane covering the galvanic sensors and a built-in thermistor for temperature measurement and compensation. The thin permeable membrane isolates the sensor elements from the testing solution but allows oxygen to enter. Oxygen that passes through the membrane causes a current flow from which the oxygen concentration is determined.

Spare membranes HI-76409A/P contains 5 ready-to-use replacements.

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Shielded, waterproof cableYes
Flex protectYes
Strain relief for cableYes
Temperature sensorsYes
AnodeZinc (Zn)
Ag+ cathode3.5mm, pure silver
Protective capYes
Cable lengths10m HI-76409/10, 4m order HI-76409/4
DO solutionsHI-7040L Zero oxygen solution set, 500ml +12g
HI-7042S Refilling electrolyte solution (30ml)

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