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This combination test kit is supplied in a rugged attache case and contains all that you need to test Alkalinity, Chloride, Hardness, pH, Phosphate and Sulphite.


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Boiler and Feedwater Combination Test Kit

The HI-3827 boiler and feedwater chemical test kit measures 6 main parameters; alkalinity, chloride, hardness, pH, phosphate and sulphite.

All the tests are performed with a titration method except for the pH test. pH is obtained with Hanna's pHep®, pH electronic tester which guarantees greater accuracy and a longer life than traditional litmus paper.

This kit is equipped with all the necessary reagents and equipment to perform over 100 tests (50 for phosphate). All tests are easy to perform with step-by-step instructions and the kit is supplied with a rugged portable carrying case for orderly transportation.

Significance of use

Monitoring the alkalinity, chloride, hardness, phosphate, pH, and sulphite concentrations in boiler and feedwater is essential in preventing hazardous or costly situations.

These parameters are important in determining the corrosive characteristics of water due to carbonates and chloride.

Sulphite is critical to prevent pitting and oxidation of metal components. A high level of sulphite results in a lowered pH, which can also promote corrosion.

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Alkalinity (as CaCO3)
 Range0-100mg/L (ppm)
0-300 mg/L (ppm)
 Smallest increment1mg/L (ppm)
3mg/L (ppm)
 Methodphenolphthalein/bromphenol blue
 Number of tests110 avg.
Chloride (as Cl-)
 Range0-100mg/L (ppm)
0-1000 mg/L (ppm)
 Smallest increment1mg/L (ppm)
10mg/L (ppm)
 MethodMercuric nitrate
 Number of tests110 avg.
Hardness (as CaCO3)
 Range0.0-30.0mg/L (ppm)
0-300 mg/L (ppm)
 Smallest increment0.3mg/L (ppm)
3mg/L (ppm)
 Number of tests100 avg.
Phosphate (as PO3-4)
 Range0-5mg/L (ppm)
 Smallest increment1mg/L (ppm)
 MethodAscorbic acid
 Number of tests50 avg.
 TypeElectronic pH tester
 Range0.0-14.0 pH
 Smallest increment0.1 pH
 MethodpH tester
 Number of testsLife of the meter
Sulphite (as Na2SO3)
 Range0.0 – 20.0 mg/L (ppm)
0-200 mg/L (ppm)
 Smallest increment0.2mg/L (ppm)
2 mg/L (ppm)
 Number of tests110 avg.
Dimensions440 x 330 x 100 mm
Ordering InformationHI-3827 test kit includes all of the necessary reagents and accessories to perform over 100 tests for every parameter, with the exception of phosphate, which includes reagents for 50 tests, hard carrying cases and instructions.
Replacement ReagentsHI-3811-100 Alkalinity (as CaCO3)
HI-3815-100 Chloride, 110 tests
HI-3812-100 Hardness, total (as CaCO3) 100 tests
HI-3833-050 Phosphate, 50 tests
HI-3810-100 Dissolved Oxygen, 110 tests
HI-3822-100 Sulphite (as Na2SO3)