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Hanna HI-7092L ORP Oxidizing pretreatment solution

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Test the precision of an Oxide Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrode with Hanna Preparation and Pre-treatment Solutions.

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The standard solutions are perfect for immersing the electrode and establishing initial readings which should fall within the 200 to 275 mV range at 25°C/77°F, for example, or within the parameters you are testing.

If the reading is outside the indicated range, clean and condition the ORP Electrode in Hanna pre-treatment solution. Use HI-7092 for oxidising or HI-7091 for reducing pre-treatment.

Oxidizing pre-treatment solution

The HI 7092 ORP standard solution allows you to test the precision of ORP electrodes.
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  • HI 7092M - 230ml bottle
  • HI 7092L - 500 ml bottle

HI-7092L Pre-treatment oxidising solution (500 mL)

HI-7092L is an Oxidising pre-treatment solution for the conditioning of an ORP electrode.

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) electrodes are used to measure a chemical reaction in which one species is being oxidised and another is being reduced. The loss of electrons by an element or compound is known as oxidation reaction, while the gaining of electrons by an element or compound is known as reduction reaction.

Using the HI-7092L oxidising pre-treatment solution prior to taking a measurement provides for a faster response time in an oxidising environment.

Soak the ORP electrode in the pre-treatment solution for 15 minutes before use.

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Descriptionoxidizing pre-treatment solution
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