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HI-4010-06 TISAB III is a more concentrated solution of ionic strength adjuster than TISAB II for use with fluoride ion selective electrodes (ISEs). Hanna ISA solutions are formulated to fix the ionic strength of a sample and standards so that they are both constant.

TISAB III concentrate (for fluoride)
500 ml

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Full Description

The HI-4010-06 is a 500ml bottle of TISAB III Concentrate for Fluoride ISEs.

Without the addition of ISA, an Ion Selective Electrode would measure ion activity; addition of ISA stabilises the ionic strength and allows measurements as ion concentration. With some ISEs, the ISA solution is also used to adjust the solution’s pH or to remove any potential interference from competing ions present.

TISAB III is a concentrated ISA solution formulated for water sample analysis to provide samples and standards alike with a constant ionic strength.

The solution also adjusts the pH background of the solution and complexes with various metal ions, such as aluminium and iron, which form compounds with fluoride. The ability of TISAB III ensures a total fluoride measurement can be achieved.

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