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Hanna Instruments UK HI-782-11 Marine High Range Nitrate Standards

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Hanna optional Checker HC Calibration Sets provide a simple solution to validating your Checker HC.

Standard value ppm 0.0 to 34.5±3.8.

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Each high quality set of standards is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility and comes supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. The certificate of Analysis provides the lot number, reference values and expiry date to provide traceability when certifying the Checker HC.

Standard value ppm = 0.0 to 34.5±3.8.

Hanna Instruments certifies these standards meet the stated tolerance limits as indicated. These should be used for quality control to validate the HI-782 Nitrate High Range Marine Checker.

1. Thoroughly wipe the standard cuvette with a lint free cloth (HI-731318 recommended) and only handle using top of cuvette. The cuvette wall must by dry and free of smudges.

2. At the C1 prompt, place HI-782-11A standard cuvette into the holder of the Checker and press operations button.

3. At the C2 prompt, place HI-782-11B standard cuvette into the holder and press the operations button.

4. Acceptable results must be between 31.2 ppm and 38.8 ppm at 25˚C.

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