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Use our pre-made brix 50% solution to ensure proper calibration of your sugar analysis refractometers.


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HI-4020-11 Brix standard 50%, 10mL

This high quality standard is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. The Certificate of Analysis provides the lot number, reference values and expiry date to provide traceability.

Making a Standard % Brix (Sucrose) Solution

To make a Brix Solution, follow the procedure below:

  • Place container (such as a glass vial or dropper bottle that has a cover) on an analytical balance to see how much it weighs and take note.
  • Weigh out the high purity sucrose in grams directly into a beaker
  • Add distilled or deionized water to the beaker so the total weight of the solution is 100g
  • Note: Solutions above 65% may need to be vigorously stirred or shaken and heated in a water bath to roughly 40°C (104°F). Remove solution when sucrose has dissolved and allow to cool before use

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