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HI-70490 Free chlorine reagents set for PCA, 500ml (2), plus 5 sachets (DPD)

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Full Description

HI-70490 Free chlorine reagent set for PCA, 500ml (2), plus 5 sachets (DPD)

How to use the indicator solution:

  • The solution will need to be activated
  • Add the content of 5 powder packets of HI-70452-0 DPD reagents to the bottle containing indicator solution
  • Replace the cap and shake the bottle for a few minutes to make sure that the powder is completely dissolved
  • The indicator solution is now activated and ready to be installed in the PCA (Process Colour Analyser)

Buffer solution

Shake the buffer solution bottle well before installing it in the analyser. Any residual precipitate will not affect readings.

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