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12880 EC solution Pool Line

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Hanna’s Conductivity Calibration Solutions have been specifically produced for the Pool Line range of conductivity meters and electrodes.


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Full Description

Hanna conductivity electrodes can be calibrated in just a few minutes, wherever you are working, thanks to our range of conductivity solutions in different forms and values. Sachets are really useful for on the spot testing.

Each label shows the product batch number, expiry date, and a conductivity/temperature correlation table. EC value is calculated at 25°C.

HI-700304P Pool Line 12880 uS/cm Conductivity Calibration Solution, 25 x 20ml sachets

  • The 12880 uS/cm (12.88 mS/cm) calibration solution is used to performance enhance conductivity meters with a scale higher than 10 mS/cm.

HI-700304P is a premium quality 12880 uS/cm conductivity solution prepared against a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable Potassium Chloride solution. Available in 25 x 20ml sachets.

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