Bring on the BBQ: 5 tips for safe BBQ cooking

Published: 30 June 2023

The sun's shining, there's not a raincloud to be seen, and the sky is blue, which can mean only one thing in the UK – perfect BBQ weather! If you've got plans to invest in a shiny new all-singing-all-dancing BBQ during the warmer months, or you've already got yours all ready to go year-round for when there's a break in the clouds, we've got some top tips to help you make the most of the nicer weather.

Read on for 5 tips for safe BBQ cooking to get stuck into:

1. Prepare and store your food ahead of time

No one likes rushing around last minute to get their food sorted. When marinating and cooking meat, it's doubly important to give yourself all the time you need to complete the process properly. Not only will your food taste better, but you can avoid the risk of potential contamination on the day of your BBQ.

Planning out your menu at least a few days ahead of time allows you to make the most use of your time, especially for carefully preparing chicken, beef, lamb or any other meat you fancy.

2. Plan accordingly to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly

Throwing everything on the grill at once might seem more efficient, but even similar types of food can have very different cooking times. Thin smash burgers, for example, will cook in no time. On the other hand, cheese-stuffed, extra-thick burgers will need longer to cook thoroughly to reduce the risk of bacteria.

Plan out what you'll cook and when. That way, you can make sure your guests don't go hungry, and no one is left with raw or overcooked food on their plate.

3. Make sure to check use-by dates

Keeping an eye on the use-by dates of the food you'd like to cook is key to giving your guests a tasty meal rather than an unappetising dose of food poisoning. If your planned BBQ is further off than your use-by dates, you can freeze any meat and thaw it out the day before.

To defrost food safely, use cold water or allow it to thaw in the fridge, below the 'danger zone' of 8 °C to 60 °C where bacteria can grow.

4. Monitor your food as it is cooking

Once your food is sizzling away on the grill, monitoring it carefully can ensure you don't undercook or burn anything. Cutting open meat, such as burgers and steaks, to check whether they are still pink in the middle is one option to ensure your meat is thoroughly cooked.

If you're all about presentation and don't like the look of cut-up burgers and sausages, using a high-quality probe thermometer for cooked meat that needs to be reheated and for raw meat you'd like to cook can help you get maximum taste with minimum risk.

5. Invest in a high-quality, professional probe thermometer

When it comes to riskier meats like chicken or pork, you’ll want the right kit to ensure you’re thoroughly cooking your food. Purchasing a professional-grade probe thermometer for raw meat, like the Checktemp®4, gives you the high degree of accuracy necessary for perfectly cooked BBQ grub.

A core temperature of at least 70°C for two minutes is the recommended standard for most BBQ meat, leaving you with tasty food that will make the best impression.

a full bbq with kabobs and meat

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