A 6-minute guide to understanding HSG282

Published: 05 June 2023

If you own a holiday park, operate a BnB or have any kind of business with hot tubs or spa pools on the premises, it's important that you understand HSG282 and how it applies to you. Our quick-start guide gives you all the basics for HSG282 hot tub compliance in 6 minutes.

What is HSG282?

Firstly, what is HSG282? This legislation is a series of guidelines for can download directly from the HSE that are designed to protect the public from the risk of diseases and illnesses from hot tubs. Legionnaires' disease, for example, can be caused by the combination of warmed and agitated water, leading to pathogens being inhaled by your guests.

While these recommendations aren't a legal requirement, they do help to keep you out of legal trouble if someone does become sick after using one of your hot tubs by meeting the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Why do I need to comply?

Ensuring you comply with measures for the health and safety of your guests and staff is common sense for any business. Beyond that, some of the reasons you'll want to comply with HSG282 include:

  • Protecting your customers from potential health risks
  • Keeping your staff safe when performing cleaning and maintenance
  • Ensuring you meet your legal obligations for the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

What do I need to do?

So, what do you need to know? To comply with HSG282 with hot tubs, you'll want to follow the processes defined by the HSE. These steps include:

  •  Ensuring the hot tub capacity is equal to or above 250 litres per seat
  • Using an HSG282-compliant hot tub with sanitisation, 24-hour filter and ozone and UV filters
  • Removing water and replacing it after each guest
  • Testing the pH of the water twice daily and recording monitored information and any actions
  • Monthly and quarterly tests for pathogens

For a detailed list of processes and a free checklist, view our complete guide here.

Tools for HSG282 compliance

Now you're caught up on what HSG282 is and why it's important, here's what you need in your kit to ensure you're keeping up with those guidelines:

  • A schematic for your hot tub, including all pipework and filters
  •  Chemical dosing equipment
  • Chemical and microbiological testing equipment
  • A reliable pH tester

pH tools for quick HSG282 compliance

Making sure you have a reliable, consistent pH tester makes your job easier, and gives you peace of mind that you're always in compliance with HSG282. Here are some options you might want to try:

1. HI-981074 Pool Line pH Tester

If you want to stick with the basics, the HI-981074 delivers the simplicity you need. A pH tester and temperature display in one allows you to measure the balance of your hot tub water at a glance, allowing for quick and easy recording twice daily.

  • Speedy response perfect for a busy schedule
  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Fully watertight, protecting your device from drops or spills

2. HI-971044C Pool Line Portable Photometer Kit

Having everything in one device is the ideal way to save you time and ensure you're never short a step in your HSG282 compliance. The HI-971044C provides everything you need in one box, from pH measurements to cyanuric acid and alkalinity.

  • Includes a carry case to get from A to B
  • Comprehensive coverage for optimal safety
  • Keep everything together to prevent loss or damage

a range of pH testers from Hanna Instruments

Three steps for HSG282 compliance

1. Test twice-daily

Twice-daily pH testing is the standard defined in HSG282 to keep your business and customers safe. Using a suitable pH measuring device in the morning and in the evening can ensure everything remains in balance, making it easier to make adjustments promptly and safely.

2. Record everything

Five years of records is the standard requirement for HSG282. Keeping a track of your twice-daily pH reading plus any actions you take to balance your hot tub protects you and helps to prevent your customers from becoming sick.

3. Set your schedule

Having a good routine in place is the ideal way to avoid falling out of compliance. Set specific times of the day to check the pH of your hot tub, and designate specific maintenance times monthly and quarterly for more in-depth checks.

An outdoor hot tub set into decking

Want to learn more?

Our in-depth guide covers everything you need to know about HSG282 compliance in full detail, including a free checklist to get you on track. Take a look at our complete guide here today.

Buy HSG282 compliant testers today

As a business owner, you know that complying with HSG282 is the best way to prevent potential legal costs. At Hanna Instruments UK, we supply a wide range of pH testing equipment for HSG282 you can rely on. With excellent accuracy and options for all price ranges, we help you to ensure your HSG282 hot tubs are up-to-date.

Want to learn more? Speak to our experts now to chat about it.

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