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Hanna HI-180k-2 Orange Magnetic mini stirrer


Great value, compact, lightweight and extremely colourful, each HANNA stirrer is equipped with a speed sensing device coupled with a frequency voltage converter to monitor the speed and ensure optimum safety every time it is used.

Magnetic Stir Bar included
2 year manufacturers' warranty

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HI-180k-2 Orange Magnetic mini stirrer

Several HI-180 mini-stirrers can be placed on the laboratory bench at once, and the ten available colours can help in identifying different samples. Power-indicating LED lights also assure users from a distance that the stirrer is working. The durable plastic covering will resist harmful effects of accidentally spilled chemicals.

The HI-180K-2 is a orange compact, lightweight and budget priced mini magnetic stirrer. The colour of the mini stirrer helps in identifying different samples being stirred if more than one is used at the same time.

Unlike most budget priced stirrers, the HI-180 series incorporate electronic controls that allow the user to regulate the speed. In addition, a Speedsafe mechanism assures that the maximum speed will never be exceeded.

Order Information:-

The HI-180K-2 is supplied with micro stir bar and instructions.

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Maximum stirring capacity1 litre
Min. speed range100 rpm
Max speed range1000rpm
Power supply220/240 VAC
Installation categoryII
Cover materialABS plastic
Environment0 to 50°C; RH max 95%
Dimensions137mm (dia) x 51mm (h)
AccessoriesHI-731319 Magnetic micro stir bar x 10
Ordering informationAll models are supplied with micro stir bar and instructions
HI-180-2Black mini-stirrer (230v)
HI-180F-2Blue mini-stirrer (230V)
HI-180K-2Orange mini-stirrer (230V)
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HI-180C-2Glacier Blue mini-stirrer (230V)
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