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HI-9810432 HALO2 Wireless refillable pH tester for cosmetic creams
HI-9810432 HALO2 Wireless refillable pH tester for cosmetic creams

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Accurate and easy-to-use, HALO2 Wireless pH tester for Cosmetic Creams is ideal for measurements in samples that would be a challenge for standard design pH electrodes.

Hanna Lab App compatible
Built-in temperature sensor

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HI-9810432 HALO2 Wireless Refillable pH Tester for Cosmetic Creams with built-in electrode

The HI-9810432 can be used as a stand-alone pH tester or can be connected to the Hanna Lab App.


  • Compact, waterproof casing and automatic pH calibration at up to three points, or four points when used with the Hanna Lab App
  • Automatically temperature compensated readings
  • Refillable electrode with glass body – non-porous glass body that is easy to clean and can withstand harsh chemicals. The triple ceramic junction allows a high flow rate of electrolyte from the reference cell into the solution. This high flow rate provides faster electrode response and a more stable measurement in viscous solutions or samples of low conductivity. The triple junction design prevents both clogging and any potential precipitation of silver at the junction. The fill solution will diffuse through the ceramic junction as it is used.
  • Conical tip electrode allows for easy penetration into emulsions, such as lotions and creams, soft solids and semi-solids.
  • Built-in temperature sensor at the tip of the pH electrode allows for rapid determination of the sample temperature and a high-accuracy temperature reading
  • The Hanna app is available on the App Store® and Google Play

HALO2 Wireless pH meter with Bluetooth® Smart Technology includes a dual-level LCD and temperature measurement for automatic temperature compensation. HALO2 pH probes can be used virtually anywhere as their versatility and ease of use will revolutionise the way pH is measured.

Accurate and easy to use, HALO2 wireless pH Testers are ideal for measurements in samples that would be a challenge for standard design pH electrodes.

The meters with their specialised electrodes can measure in the lab or out in the field. Then specialised applications: Cosmetic Creams, Soil, Wine, Beer, Meat, Chocolate, Bread and Dough, Cheese, Milk, Sushi, Skin, Leather and Paper.

Bluetooth Versatility

Connect to the Hanna Lab App via Bluetooth® wireless technology (10m range). The Bluetooth icon on the HALO2 LCD indicates the probe is active and transmitting.

One Button Sample Tagging

Pressing the button on the HALO2 pH probe or the probe icon in the Hanna Lab App will tag sample data for easy reference.

Easy calibration

HALO2 can be placed right into our calibration buffer sachets for easy calibration. Using a Hanna calibration sachet ensures your buffer is always fresh.

Easy to replace battery

HALO2’s CR2032 lithium ion battery is easily replaced and lasts for approximately 1,000 hours.

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 pH0.00 to 12.00 pH
 mv*pH/mV conversion
 Temperature-5.0 to 70.0°C
 pH0.01 or 0.1 pH
 mV*0.1 or 1 mV
 pH±0.02 pH
CalibrationUp to three points or four points*
Automatic buffer recognition with standard buffers
Temperature CompensationAutomatic (ATC) or Manual (MTC)
ElectrodeBuilt-in probe for specific application
 Body materialGlass
 GlassLow temperature
 JunctionTriple Ceramic
 Reference CellDouble, Ag/AgCl
 Electrolyte3.5M KCl (refillable)
 Outer diameter12 mm
 Length120 mm
Battery typeCR2032 3V Lithium
Battery LifeApproximately 1000 hours (500 hours with Bluetooth enabled)
Environment0 to 50°C;
IP ratingIP65
Dimensions51 x 206 x 21mm
Ordering informationHI-9810432 (HALO2) is supplied with a starter kit consisting of pH 4.01 buffer solution sachet (2), pH 7.01 buffer solution (2), cleaning solution sachet (2), Electrode storage solution (dropper bottle), Electrolyte refill solution 30mL, pipette, 3V lithium battery – CR2032, instrument quality certificate and instruction manual
*Readings available with Hanna Lab App