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Hanna HI-4103 Cadmium Combination ISE Electrode


The HI-4103 is a solid state, combination ion selective electrode (ISE) for the determination of cadmium (Cd2+) in solution. The mixed cadmium sulphide/silver sulphide sensing pellet produces a potential change due to the cadmium ion exchange between the inorganic pellet membrane and the sample.


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Full Description Specification

The internal sensing elements are housed within a durable polyetherimide (PEI) body.

The HI-4103 is ideal for a variety of applications in electroplating, battery construction, and in the laboratory.

The HI-4103 Cadmium Ion Selective Electrode is a complete potentiometric cell that contains a silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference housed within a PEI plastic body with a potassium nitrate electrolyte. The internal elements are isolated from the sample by a compressed Cadmium Sulphide/Silver Sulphide sensing membrane.

Hanna’s solid state combination ISEs are designed with a cone style junction.

Before testing, it is important that the ionic strength of the standards and sample be adjusted to a high and constant value with the ionic strength adjuster (ISA) solution (HI-4000-00).

The HI-4103 cadmium solid state ISE can measure from 0.1µM (0.01 mg/L) to 0.1M (11,200 mg/L).

Key features

Fixed Sensing Modules - Combination solid state ISEs are electrodes that detect free ions in a solution. The highly insoluble, compressed sensing pellet is attached to the electrode by a fixed sensing module for ease of use.

Durable PEI Body - The probe body is composed of durable polyetherimide (PEI) plastic.

BNC Connection - The HI-4103 has a universal BNC connector for easy connection to any benchtop meter with a female BNC probe input. BNC is one of the most commonly used connector types in pH meters and electrodes. Compatible with any meter or electrode that uses BNC connectors.

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TypeSolid-state; Combination
Measurement Range1M to 1X 10-7M 11200 to 0.01 ppm
Optimum pH Range2 to 12.5
Temperature Range0 to 80°C
Approximate Slope+28
Body O.D.12 mm
Insertion Length120 mm
Body MaterialPEI
Cable1m coaxial
Possible ApplicationsUsed as an indicator for titrations using chelates