HSG282 for holiday home owners: What is it?

Published: 01 July 2023

What is HSG282?

HSG282 is a 2017 legislation created by the Health and Safety Executive. These guidelines help to protect businesses from legal problems and prevent customer sickness, with a particular focus on Legionnaires’ disease. As a best practice for holiday home owners, complying with HSG282 for hot tubs and pools keeps you, your business and your customers safe.

To comply with HSG282 for hot tubs and pools, you’ll need to:

✔ Use fresh water with each changeover

✔ Test and record pH twice-daily

✔ Store records for 5 years

✔ Clean your filter between each changeover

✔ Flush your hot tub system regularly

✔ Conduct monthly and quarterly pathogen testing

Want to know more? Learn all about HSG282 in our complete guide now, covering everything from pH monitoring and recording for maintenance and hygiene processes.

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