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HI-839800 COD 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor
HI-839800 COD 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor
HI-839800 COD 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor
HI-839800 COD 25 Vial Thermo-Reactor

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The Hanna HI-839800 thermo-reactor is an easy to use test tube heater with the capacity to perform up to 25 simultaneous digestions. Complete with a countdown timer and plastic cover protector, it can be used for timed or infinity testing procedures in Chemical Oxygen Demand and other applications.

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The HI-839800 thermo-reactor is made of sturdy materials and has a vial capacity of up to 25 simultaneous digestions. The reactor has three stored and three programmable (custom) temperature programs.

HI-839800 is supplied with:

  • HI-740217 Laboratory safety shield
  • Power cable
  • Quick reference guide with instructions for manual download and instrument quality certificate

The stored programs support analysis methods at:

  • 170 °C (all COD methods)
  • 150 °C (all COD methods, Iron Total, Phosphorus Acid Hydrolyzable, Phosphorus Total methods)
  • 105 °C (Chromium and Nitrogen Total methods)

Laboratory safety shield included

  • The included safety shield is highly recommended to use during vial digestion procedure to maintain a safe working environment

Reactor block temperature continuously evaluated and displayed

  • Built-in Countdown Timer
  • A timer of up to 180 minutes is included for applications that require timed digestions. The end of the digestion time is signalled by an acoustic signal (5 short beeps) and “DONE” message is displayed. The heating is turned off and the block begins to cool off.

Status Indicator Lights

  • POWER (on)
  • HOT (surface)
  • HEATING (in progress)

Overheating Prevention

  • A thermal fuse in the reactor prevents overheating by turning off the heating element.

Reference temperature probe well

  • A small temperature well can accommodate a temperature probe, useful for verifying the heating block.

Warnings and Error Messages

  • The instrument displays warning messages when erroneous conditions appear and when values are outside the expected range such as high or low temperature, hot surface, or heating system malfunction.

Stainless steel test tube rack to hold 25 COD tubes - Replacement HI 740216 Bench top safety shield for use with HI-9800 series COD reactor/digester - HI 740217

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Temperature range*30.0 to 170.0 °C (86 to 338 °F)
Accuracy±2 °C
Temperature stability±0.5 °C
Capacity25 vials; Ø 16 mm x 100 mm (Ø 0.63” x 3.94”) Reference temperature probe well
Warm-up time10 to 15 minutes, depending on selected temperature
Digestion time1 to 180 minutes
Environment5 to 50 °C (41 to 122 °F)
Power supplyfuse protected - 115 Vac (HI-839800-01) 230 Vac (HI-839800-02)
Dimensions190 x 300 x 95 mm (7.5 x 11.8 x 3.7”)
Weight Approximately4.8 kg (10.6 lb.)
* Reactor displays outside temperature range of 20 – 30 °C (68 – 86 °F) and 170 – 180 °C (338 – 356 °F). Values below 20 °C (68 °F) and above 180 °C (356 °F) are not displayed.