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Understanding the importance of pH in swimming pools

Discover why pool pH is so important in our webinar, covering everything from what pH is to why getting the right balance is...

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How to meet HSG282 hot tub compliance for your holiday home

If you own a holiday home, it’s a good idea to understand HSG282 legislation for hot tubs and spa pools. Our quick video tells...

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How to test your hot tubs for HSG282 requirements

Want to know how to test your hot tubs for HSG282? Our quick video gives you all the details for fast, easy HSG282 compliance.

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Testing your koi pond: The importance of accuracy

Our expert-led webinar covers all of the essentials you need to know to properly care for your koi or other freshwater ponds,...

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Everything you need to know about HSG282

Our complete webinar covers all the primary details you need to know about HSG282 for spa pools and hot tubs, from what this...

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HSG282 for holiday home owners: What is it?

If you own a holiday home with a hot tub or pool in the UK, complying with HSG282 is ideal for your peace of mind. Check out...

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