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HI-4016-45 Sodium storage solution (500 mL)

HI-4016-45 Sodium storage solution (500 mL)

HANNA HI-4016-45 Sodium storage solution (500 mL)

HI-4016-45 Sodium storage solution (500 mL)

500ml bottle
£49.20 (exc. VAT) £59.04 (inc. VAT)

Keep one step ahead on the maintenance front by always store an electrode in Hanna Storage Solution.

Hanna Storage Solution will keep your electrode in tip top condition by not allowing the sensor tip and the reference junction to dry out. It will also minimise any bacterial growth while not in use – all vital for an optimum response time and result.

pH or Oxide Reduction Potential (ORP) electrodes should never be stored in distilled or deionised water as it will shorten the life of the sensor. Also, check our range of special storage solutions. For example: Sodium ISE Storage solution.

Solutions are available in a variety of sizes. Check whether the solution you require is available in 1 gallon, 500ml, or 230ml bottles, or individual 20ml sachets.

HI-4016-45 Sodium storage solution (500 mL) information

Hanna's extended description

HI-4016-45 Sodium ISE Storage Solution (500 mL)

HI-4016-45 solution is for storage of the FC300B Sodium Ion Selective Electrode (ISE). Measurement of sodium in solutions is determined by ion exchange between the selectively permeable glass membrane and the sample solution. The glass sensing membrane must remain hydrated in order to accurately determine sodium concentrations. This solution provides ideal conditions to rehydrate the membrane surface and prepare it for sodium measurements.

Before using the FC300B sodium electrode for the first time, or if reactivating it after storage, the electrode should be conditioned, soaked in storage solution, and then tested. The sodium ISE can also remain in HI-4016-45 storage solution for long and short term storage purposes.

Between measurements, storage solutions minimise microbial growth and prevent any effects of diffusion and Osmosis, as well as keeping the sensor tip and reference junction hydrated and clear – all important for an optimum response time and measurement.

Air-tight bottles with tamper-proof seals ensure quality and freshness of storage solution. Each bottle is marked with a batch number and expiry date.

Special range:

Sodium Storage Solution – HI-4016-45L – for use with a FC300B Sodium Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Conditioning and Storage Solution for Calcium ISE – HI-400445L


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