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Here are just some of our general reviews along with what our customers think about our new webinars.

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5-star reviews“Helpful staff and great products” 

5-star reviews“Brilliant equipment & service. Thanks very much Hanna, a job well done.” 

5-star reviews“Excellent service, fast delivery. Should have bought from them years ago!” 

About our webinars . . .

Wendy said: “The presenter has a great voice - no umming, no stammering - many podcasts are full of that.

“It was really interesting - I had no idea about the different materials and construction, nor how it actually measured the pH! And I appreciated the examples like cool Scottish mineral water vs a hot curry (that was quite funny - the spice vs temperature!) And it answered my question why there are so many types and prices of pH meters.

“I'm learning a lot – I am not a chemistry expert so it was all fascinating. And the speaker is really good at doing this. Slides are excellent too, lovely and clear and enables the noobs like me to keep up . . . he must really know his stuff to be able to explain it in plain English!”

Eddie: “I am quickly writing this to say the pH webinar I just attended was extremely good, very clear, and made the manual so much more understandable. 10/10 likely to recommend. Thank you and well done. Cheers.”

Luke: “Hi, Just watched your webinar regarding, pH best practice - look after your electrode. Short and informative. Enjoyed it, thanks."

Nigel: “Found the webinar very useful and gave me a good platform on how to approach calibration schedule for our pH meters. The 20 min duration was great as it was informative and not time consuming.”