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Hanna Instruments UK HI-38074-100 Boron, boric acid method, Reagent kit for 100 tests (B)


Titration is used to find the concentration of an identified chemical in a solution (e.g., water).

100 tests

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Full Description

In our standard Titration kits, there will be a Titrant solution that is added to the solution (e.g., water) to be tested to make it change colour. The reagent is then added under monitored conditions.

Boron, Boric Acid method, Reagent kit for 100 tests (B)

During testing, when colour change is achieved, under careful conditions - usually using a burette – the reagent is added, drop by drop, until the solution turns clear. The user will then count how many drops of reagent were used to achieve complete colour dispersal. The number of drops used will determine the chemical concentration and results can be found in the manual included.

While not offering the levels of accuracy or range an electronic meter can offer, Chemical Test Kits do provide a low cost and easy way to determine chemical presence in water.

(Titration is also known as Titrimetry and Volumetric Analysis).

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