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HI-8614N pH Transmitter

HI-8614N pH Transmitter

Hanna HI-8614N pH Transmitter

HI-8614N pH Transmitter

Range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH
2 year manufacturer warranty
In Stock
£494.75 (exc. VAT) £593.70 (inc. VAT)

Digital and Analog Transmitters for pH, ORP and Conductivity are two-wire transmitters widely used for process control in industry.

The transmitters are especially useful in industrial conditions where electrical interference is an important factor. Hanna transmitters isolate signals galvanically, thus eliminating interference. Their thin wire technology and heavily shielded cable eliminate problems and make Hanna transmitters so versatile, they can be used over long distances in almost any process control application. They are also resistant to liquids and corrosion.

HI-8614N pH Transmitter information

Hanna's extended description

HI-8614N pH Transmitters with 4-20 mA Galvanically Isolated Output

The HI-8614N is a water-resistant pH transmitter designed to be used with a standard high impedance pH probe with BNC Connector.

The signal is then processed by a special high-impedance amplifier, which transmits an output current directly proportional to the input signal but independent of changes in load or cable electric potential.

Calibration is performed by the adjustment of two independent trimmers – slope and offset.

Temperature compensation is performed by the transmitter’s ATC circuit when measurements are taken with a temperature probe attached.

The Transmitter can be connected to Hanna controller HI-8510, HI-8710 or HI-8711, recorders, computers or any data monitoring device that accepts 4 to 20mA input.

There is no Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with this model.

*Two-wire transmitters are ideal when used in remote applications where AC power is not available. However, powering the system with an AC supply is recommended to stop loss of data.

Replaceable Electrode – No need to replace the whole meter when the electrode needs replacing. Spare and replacement electrodes are available for this product.

BNC Connection – BNC is one of the most commonly used connector types in pH meters and electrodes. Compatible with any meter or electrode that uses BNC connectors.


Specifications list


Range 0.00 to 14.00 pH; 4-20mA
Resolution (for L models) 0.01 pH; 0.01mA
Accuracy (@20C/68F) +-0.02pH; +-0.02mA
Calibration offset: +-2pH; +-2.2 mA; slope: 86 to 116%; +-0.5mA
Temperature Compensation fixed or automatic from 0 to 100C (32 to 212F) with HI-76609 probe
Input impedance 1012 0hm
Recorder Output 4-20mA (isolated)
Protection IP65
Power Supply HI-8614N: 18-30VDC; HI-8614LN: 20-36
LCD Only for HI-8614LN
Load Max 500 0hm
Environment 0 to 50 C (32 to 122F) RH max 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 154 x 110 x 71mm (6.5 x 4.3x 2.8inches)
Weight 1 kg (2.2lb)

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