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HI-1043B pH electrode - Ideal for use with Tris buffers

HI-1043B pH electrode - Ideal for use with Tris buffers

Hanna HI-1043B pH electrode - Ideal for use with Tris buffers

HI-1043B pH electrode - Ideal for use with Tris buffers

Ideal for use in acids
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The HI-1043B is a glass bodied refillable double junction combination pH electrode which is suitable for pH measurement of hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, sea water, strong acid and base solutions, solutions with high conductivity and tris buffers.

HI-1043B pH electrode - Ideal for use with Tris buffers information

Hanna's extended description

The HI-1043B is a glass body pH electrode with refillable double junction.

Ideal for
  • Tris buffers
  • Paints
  • Strong acid or alkaline solutions
  • High conductivity samples
  • Seawater

  • Supplied fitted with
  • BNC connector
  • 1m cable

  • Electrode Storage Solutions

    To minimise junction clogging and ensure fast response time, always keep the glass bulb and the junction of your pH electrode hydrated. For benchtop meters used in the lab pour a small amount of the HI-70300 storage solution in a small beaker and lower the electrode into it making sure that the junction is covered. For portable meters, store the electrode with a few drops of HI-70300 storage solution in the protective cap.

    Storage solutions are designed to keep the pH electrode hydrated while minimising growth on the electrode from bacteria and algae. Placing a probe in water will result in a growth on the electrode that might not be visible to the naked eye. This growth will affect the performance and accuracy. To minimise growth, it is recommended to use pH 4 buffer if storage solution is not available. Solutions with lower pH values can inhibit growth. If pH 4 buffer is not available, it is advisable to use pH 7 buffer.

    Never store a pH electrode in purified water as it will dehydrate the bulb.

    BNC Connection – BNC is one of the most commonly used connector types in pH meters and electrodes. Compatible with any meter or electrode that uses BNC connectors.


    Specifications list


    Reference Double, Ag/AgCl
    Junction Ceramic, Double
    Connector BNC
    Electrolyte KCl 3.5M
    Max Pressure 0.1 bar
    Range 0 to 14 pH; 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
    Tip Shape Spheric (dia: 9.5 mm)
    Temperature Sensor No
    Amplifier No
    Body Material Glass
    Recommended Use Hydrocarbon, paints, solvents, sea water, strong acid
    and base, high conductivity samples, Tris buffer

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