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HI-7022M ORP test solution, 470mV, 230 mL bottle

HI-7022M ORP test solution, 470mV, 230 mL bottle

Hanna HI-7022M ORP test solution, 470mV, 230 mL bottle

HI-7022M ORP test solution, 470mV, 230 mL bottle

£23.80 (exc. VAT) £28.56 (inc. VAT)

Test the precision of an Oxide Reduction Potential (ORP) Electrode with Hanna Preparation and Pre-treatment Solutions.

The standard solutions are perfect for immersing the electrode and establishing initial readings which should fall within the 200 to 275 mV range at 25°C/77 F, for example, or within the parameters you are testing.

If the reading is outside the indicated range, clean and condition the ORP Electrode in Hanna pre-treatment solution. Use HI-7092 for oxidising or HI-7091 for reducing pre-treatment.

HI-7022M ORP test solution, 470mV, 230 mL bottle information

Hanna's extended description

HI-7022M 470 mV @ 25° C ORP Test Solution (230 mL)

HI-7022M is an ORP test solution designed for testing the precision of ORP Platinum and Gold electrodes within +/- 50 mV of 470 mV @ 25°C.

By simply immersing the ORP electrode in the test solution, users can quickly see if the electrode is reading accurately within the specified range. Using this as a diagnostic tool, users can clean and condition ORP electrodes, if necessary, to achieve correct measurements.

Each bottle has a Lot number and expiry date clearly listed.

All bottles have an air tight, tamper-proof seal to maintain the quality of the solution.

*A Certificate of Analysis is available on request.

Reducing and Oxidising pre-treatment Solutions

    HI-7091L Reducing pre-treatment solution 500ml

    HI-7091M Reducing pre-treatment Solution 230ml

    HI-7092L Oxidising pre-treatment solution 500ml

    HI-7092M Oxidising pre-treatment solution 230ml

Solutions are available in a variety of sizes. Check whether the solution you require is available in 1 gallon, 500ml, or 230ml bottles, or individual 20ml sachets.


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