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HI-10430 pH Edge Electrode

HI-10430 pH Edge Electrode

Hanna HI-10430 pH Edge Electrode

HI-10430 pH Edge Electrode

6 months warranty
In Stock
£243.40 (exc. VAT) £292.08 (inc. VAT)

The HI-10430 is a smart pH electrode for use with the HI-2020 Edge hybrid meter.

The HI-10430 is a glass body, refillable, double junction pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements in a single probe design.

Within the probe there is an integrated microchip that stores calibration data, electrode type, and serial number, which allows for changing of sensors without having to recalibrate.

The HI-10430 has a triple ceramic junction and uses high temperature glass, making it ideal for solutions at temperatures above 30°C. This probe features a 3.5 mm connector designed exclusively to be used with Hanna Instruments edge® Tablet Meters.

HI-10430 pH Edge Electrode information

Hanna's extended description

The HI-10430 is a smart pH electrode for use with the HI-2020 Edge hybrid meter.

This electrode features a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, ID, and calibration information that is automatically retrieved by Edge once the electrode is plugged in.

Stored pH calibration information includes: calibrated buffers, date, time, offset and slope characteristics of the electrode.

The HI-10430 features an easy to plug in 3.5mm connector and is recommended for use in hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, sea water, strong acids and bases, high conductivity samples, tris buffer.

Key features:

  • Spherical Glass Tip
  • Double Junction Reference
  • 3.5 mm Connector

More key features explained:

    Built-In Microchip

A built-in microchip stores the sensor type, serial number and calibration information including date, time, offset, slope, probe condition and buffers used. This information is automatically retrieved by edge® once the electrode is plugged in. The ability to transfer information allows for hot swapping of probes without having to recalibrate. All pH measurements are performed within the electrode and transferred digitally to the meter. This overcomes any noise issues associated with the traditional high impedance analogue measuring system. Electrical noise can be generated from a built-in temperature sensor and while working in a humid environment.

    Spherical Glass Tip

The spherical shaped tip design allows for a wide area of contact with the measured sample. This permits a faster electrode response with a higher degree of stability. The glass sensing tip on the HI-10430 uses Hanna’s high temperature (HT) glass formulation that has a resistance of approximately 400 megaohms. The high impedance makes the HI-10430 ideal for aggressive chemical applications and high temperature applications. Conventional glass formulations suffer from a greatly reduced lifespans at high temperatures relative to high temperature glass.

Triple Ceramic Junction

The triple ceramic junction allows a higher flow rate of electrolyte from the reference cell into the solution. A standard pH electrode will use a single ceramic junction that allows for 15 to 20 µL/hour of electrolyte to flow; the HI-10430 has three ceramic junctions, providing for 40 to 50 µL/hour of electrolyte to flow. This high flow rate provides faster electrode response and a more stable measurement in viscous solutions or samples of low conductivity.

    Double Junction Reference

A double junction electrode has an internal compartment surrounding the reference wire. Silver ions are present in the electrolyte of the internal compartment, which houses the Ag/AgCl reference wire; the electrolyte outside this compartment is silver free. The double junction design means that virtually no silver from the electrode enters the sample. This design allows measurement in applications where silver ions in the sample are undesirable or silver precipitates on the junction are likely to form.

    Glass Electrode Body

The glass electrode body is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its chemical resistance. The glass electrode is compatible with many non-aqueous solvents and other aggressive chemicals. Glass is also resistant to many forms of radiation, such as ultraviolet radiation.

3.5 Connection – Phono plug electrode connection used on HANNA smart Edge electrodes. Provides a secure, easy-to-use connection.

All electrodes and probes have 6 months warranty. See our warranty and returns policy explained.


Specifications list


Description refillable, combination, digital pH electrode with double junction
Reference double, Ag/AgCl
Junction ceramic, triple/ 40-50 uL/h
Electrolyte KCI 3.5M
Max Pressure 0.1 bar
Range pH: 0 to 13
Recommended Operating Temp. -5 to 100°C
Tip/Shape spheric (dia: 9.5mm)
Temperature Sensor yes
Matching Pin no
Amplifier yes
Body Material glass
Cable 1m
Recommended Use hydrocarbons, paints, solvents, sea water, strong acids and bases, high conductivity samples, tris buffer
Connection 3.5mm jack

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