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Hanna HI-3896BP backpack lab soil quality test kit


A unique combination of test kits designed for testing soil quality - A classroom in a backpack!

Backpack Lab test kit includes agriculture test kit, Hi-98129 Combo pH/ED/TDS, temperature tester, HI-145 digital thermometer, set of 6 field test procedures, teacher's resource CD, teacher's guide and backpack.

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The HI-3896BP is a kit specifically assembled for the educator and Environmental Science student and is designed to provide a complete lesson plan for teachers. Teachers are able to introduce students to important chemical tests for evaluating soil quality and fertility, and relate these measurements to the principles of plant metabolism. This kit includes in-depth background information about each parameter, classroom activities and detailed field-testing procedures.

This kit addresses important issues related to soil quality and modern agriculture practices. Real-world examples help students understand the relevance of macronutrients and other parameters in everyday life. This kit introduces the student to all major soil quality topics, and is presented in an easy to use format that makes lessons accessible, understandable and memorable.

HI-3896BP Backpack Lab™ Soil Quality Education Test Kit Includes:

  • Agriculture Combination Kit (enough materials for 50 Nitrogen)
  • Phosphorus, and Potassium tests
  • HI-98129 - Combo pH/EC/TDS/Temp Tester
  • HI-145 Thermometer
  • One sachet of: pH 4.01, pH 7.01 & 1413 µS/cm
  • Laminated Field Test Procedures
  • Backpack carrying case which holds all components of the kit
  • 72-page teachers manual with a curriculum that meets National Science Teachers Association Standards
  • Parameter summary in pdf and PowerPoint format (on included CD).
  • Laminated, laboratory instruction cards with step-by-step field test procedures
  • Lab activity worksheets with instructions, goals, hypothesis, and testing procedure results/observations (on included CD)
  • A glossary of key terms in pdf format (on included CD).

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