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Hanna HI-4015 Silver/Sulphide ISE Half-Cell

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The HI-4015 is a Silver/Sulphide half-cell ISE ideal for use as an indicator for titrations using Sulphide Nitrate.

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For the determination of Sulphide ions in water conditioning, paper (pulping) liquors, natural waters and soils, environmental monitoring, and industrial processes.

The HI-4015 is a solid state, half-cell ion selective electrode (ISE) for the determination of silver (Ag+) or sulphide (S2-) in solution. The silver/silver sulphide sensing pellet produces a potential change due to the ion exchange between the inorganic pellet membrane and the sample. The internal sensing elements are housed within a durable epoxy body.

  • Silver detection from 0.11 to 107,900 mg/L Ag+
  • Sulphide detection from 0.003 to 32,100 mg/L S2-
  • For use with HI-5315 reference half-cell

The HI-4015 silver/sulphide selective electrode is a potentiometric half-cell sensor housed within an epoxy body. The internal elements are isolated from the sample by a compressed silver/silver sulphide sensing membrane. This solid state sensor requires a separate reference electrode to complete the measurement system.

Hanna’s solid state half-cell ISEs are designed for use with the HI-5315 reference half-cell. The reference half-cell features a cone style junction. The skirted cone geometry of the reference forms the liquid junction with the test solution at the tip of the junction cone, producing a highly stable reference potential and consistent flow rates of electrolyte into the solution. A simple press of the top portion of the ISE makes it easy to empty the electrolyte fill solution and replace when necessary.

Measuring all solutions with a constant ionic strength reduces the margin of error between measurements. The HI-4015 silver/sulphide solid state ISE can measure silver from 1µM (0.11 mg/L) to 1M (107,900 mg/L) and sulphide from 0.1µM (0.003 mg/L) to 1M (32,100 mg/L).

Silver (Ag+)

For the HI-4015 to measure silver accurately, it is important that the ionic strength of the standards and sample be adjusted to a high and constant value with the halide ionic strength adjuster (ISA) solution. The ISA ensures that the activity coefficient is constant so the concentration of free silver ions can be measured.

BNC Connection – BNC is one of the most commonly used connector types in pH meters and electrodes. Compatible with any meter or electrode that uses BNC connectors.

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TypeSolid-state; Half-cell
Measurement RangeAg+ 1.0M to 1X 10-6M 107900 to 0.11ppm
S= 1.0M to 1X 10-7M 32100 to 0.003 ppm
Optimum pH RangeAg+ 2 to 8 S= 12 to 14
Temperature Range0 to 80°C
Approximate Slope+56
Body O.D.12 mm
Insertion Length120 mm
Body MaterialEpoxy
Cable1m coaxial
Possible ApplicationsAs an indicator for titrations using sulphide nitrate. For the determination of sulphide ions in waters, paper liquors, natural waters and soils.

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