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HI-3847 Copper, High Range Test Kit

HI-3847 Copper, High Range Test Kit

Hanna HI-3847 Copper, High Range Test Kit

HI-3847 Copper, High Range Test Kit

Range: 0.0-2.5 mg/L (ppm)
Includes reagents
£102.10 (exc. VAT) £122.52 (inc. VAT)

Colorimetric testing is a method of determining the concentration of a chemical element or compound (organic or inorganic) in a solution with the aid of a colour reagent.

Our test kits measure the strength or weakness of a chemical presence according to the degree of colour saturation. Ie – if it is pale in colour, then the chemical concentration is low. If the colour is strong, then the chemical concentration is high. Simply add the reagent to the compound to be tested and match the colour gained against a colour chart included in the kit.

HI-3847 Copper, High Range Test Kit information

Hanna's extended description

The HI-3847 portable copper test kit makes monitoring easy, quick and safe.

Copper is an essential trace element in human diet (the daily requirement is around 2.0 mg) and a factor in plant metabolism. On the other hand, corrosion of copper alloys in pipe fittings may introduce considerable quantities of copper into water supplies.

Copper salts react with bicinchoninate reagent to form a purple product in a neutral buffered condition. The amount of colour developed is directly proportional to the concentration of copper present in the aqueous sample. Range 0.0-2.5 mg/L. Low range colormetric method. Range 0.00-0.25 mg/L, 0.0-6.0 mg/L Method Colour Cube.

Order information

The HI-3847 test kit is supplied with the following:

  • HI 3847-0 reagent (100 packets)
  • Colour comparison cube

  • Check out our Checker® HC Handheld Colorimeters – a highly-accurate and affordable way to test for chemicals using a gadget that sits perfectly in the palm of your hand and also fits nicely into your pocket.


    Specifications list


    Method   Colourimetric
    Range   0.0-2.5 mg/L
    Smallest Increment   0.5 mg/L
    Chemical Method   Bicinchonic Acid
    Number of Tests   100
    Weight   150 g

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