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Hanna HI-93754G-25 chemical oxygen demand reagent vials are an ideal solution for testing water and wastewater in-house in compliance with ISO 15705. Our accurate and reliable COD reagent vials are zero-based, covering the full range from 0 to ensure proper adherence to regulatory requirements. Each box contains 25 vials for in-house COD testing, with a Certificate of Analysis as standard.

Our comprehensive COD testing reagents cover the entire required range and specialist requirements for chemical oxygen demand measurement. All Hanna COD reagents are fully compatible with our relevant instrumentation, including the Iris Spectrophotometer and our range of advanced photometers.

Medium range
25 Tubes

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Full Description Specification

The HI-93754G-25 is a box of 25 reagent vials for COD, medium range ISO

*This method follows the official method ISO 15705

Each box of 25 vials is supplied with a Hanna certificate of quality. The reagents are traceable to NIST SRM® 930.

Hanna offers reagents to cover three separate ranges.

  • Three measurement ranges to satisfy every need – As COD levels vary depending on the application and process measuring points. Simply choose the best range for the application: low range – 0 to 150 mg/L O2, medium range – 0 to 1500 mg/L O2 and high range: 0 to 15000 mg/L O2.
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements – Hanna COD reagents have been developed in accordance with Standard Methods 5220D, USEPA 410.4 and ISO 15705:2002 methods.
  • Pre-dosed vials – Hanna vials contain approximately 3mL of pre-dosed reagent. The operator just needs to add a small quantity of the sample.
  • Quick and accurate measurements – With pre-dosed vials, test preparation time is dramatically reduced. There is no time-consuming reagent preparation procedure or glassware cleaning.
  • Safe reagents – Hanna COD reagents are safe for operators and the environment. Vials and caps have been designed to avoid accidental reagent spills. Due to the pre-dosed reagents, the amount of chemicals and handling time is minimised.

About the testing methods

  • Dichromate EPA - Method with chromium-sulphuric acid is officially recognised by EPA for wastewater analysis.
  • Dichromate mercury-free - This method is recommended for general purpose analysis with no chloride interference.
  • Dichromate ISO - Method follows the official method ISO 15705. COD MR ISO method is 0 – 1000 mg/L. Meter can read higher.

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Range0 to 1500 mg/L (ppm)
Sample qty.2.0 mL
Dichromate EPA Method
 Range (as O2)0 to 150 mg/L
 Accuracy±5 mg/L ±5% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754A-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754A-25
 Range (as O2)0 to 1500 mg/L
 Accuracy±15 mg/L ±4% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754B-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754B-25
Dichromate Method
 Range (as O2)0 to 15000 mg/L
 Accuracy±150 mg/L ±3% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754C-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754C-25
Dichromate Mercury-Free Method
 Range (as O2)0 to 150 mg/L
 Accuracy±5 mg/L ±5% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754D-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754D-25
 Range (as O2)0 to 1500 mg/L
 Accuracy±15 mg/L ±4% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754E-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754E-25
Dichromate ISO Method
 Range (as O2)0 to 150 mg/L
 Accuracy±5 mg/L ±5% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754F-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754F-25
 Range (as O2)0 to 1500 mg/L
 Accuracy±15 mg/L ±4% of reading
 Pack of 25 vialsHI-93754G-25
 Replacement reagentsHI-94754G-25
Range0.0 to 60.0g/L
Reagent codeHI-93754J-25

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